NF series mud pump

NF series mud pump

1、Products Type:NF series mud pump

2、Products Features:

Pump Co., Ltd. of Ningbo Heli NF series mud pump is triplex single acting piston pump power compact from 500HP to 1600HP The pump structure, small footprint, reliable performance. I have a production company's F series mud pump is compatible with F mud pump on the market. The pump stroke is longer, which keeps at a lower stroke rate, to extend the life of the pump. Products suitable for a variety of deep drilling conditions demand. Product implementation of API674 and SY5138 standards.

3、Technical Parameters:

Name NF mud pump
structure type Horizontal
specification Three-piston
Maximum power(KW) 1600HP
The maximum discharge pressureMPa 34.5
Maximum flowM3/H 162
transfer method Belts, gearboxes
Auxiliary power source Motors, diesel engines, gas turbines, etc.

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