3ZY / 5ZY pressure injection pump series

3ZY / 5ZY pressure injection pump series

1、Products Type:3ZY/5ZY Pressure injection pump series

2、Products Features

3ZY/5ZY Series pressure injection pump is balanced hydraulic ram booster。

Mechatronics is the advanced new products. Compact pump structure, small flow, continuous operation at rated pressure and flow, widely used in oil-pump pressurized water single well and the various industries need to send high-pressure turbocharger auxiliary liquid.

3ZY / 5ZY series pressure injection pump injection symmetrically designed end faces have import, export, easy placement and installation. Products with small size, light weight, smooth transmission, high efficiency, easy maintenance.

3、Technical Parameters

Name Pressure injection pump
structure type Horizontal
specification Three plungers / five plungers
Maximum power(KW) 355
Plunger travelmm 30mm、40mm、50mm、75mm、 100mm、125mm、150mm、175mm、200mm
The maximum discharge pressureMPa 50
Maximum flowM3/H 160
Maximum piston forceKgf 30000
transfer method Belts (standard), reducer, coupling, etc.
Auxiliary power source Motor (standard), diesel engines, gas turbines, etc.

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