3ST / 5ST energy reciprocating pumps

3ST / 5ST energy reciprocating pumps

1、Products Type: 3ST/5ST energy efficient high-pressure reciprocating pumps

2、Products Features: 3ST/5ST series of energy-efficient high-pressure reciprocating pumps are horizontal, three plungers / five plungers, single acting reciprocating piston pump.

3S & nbsp; T / 5ST series of energy efficient reciprocating high-pressure pump, the pump efficiency can reach 92.2% & nbsp; 2, long life wearing parts & nbsp; 3, application patents, smooth and reliable, easy operation and maintenance, wide pressure and flow range of features.Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer industry as a process pump, oil, salt as injection pumps, pipes, pressure vessels as the test pressure pumps, booster pumps, construction, shipbuilding, chemical and other industrial high-pressure cleaning cleaning, boiler feed water, hydromechanical transmission source, as well as food, pharmaceutical, and other instruments and processes require high pressure fluid pulses demanding fields.

3、Technical Parameters:

Name High pressure reciprocating piston pump
structure type Horizontal
specification Three plungers / five plungers / Cha plunger
Maximum power(KW) 1800
Plunger travelmm 30mm、40mm、50mm、75mm、 100mm、125mm、150mm、175mm、200mm、215mm
The maximum discharge pressureMPa 60
Maximum flowM3/H 1200
Maximum piston forceKgf 30000
transfer method Belts (standard), reducer, coupling, etc.
Auxiliary power source Motor (standard), diesel engines, gas turbines, etc.

Dowlands 3ST / 5ST energy efficient high-pressure reciprocating pumps

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